3 Essential Lawn Care Tools to Check in Spring for Smooth Summer Lawn Care

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Even though it’s taken a while to really show up, temperature-wise, spring is here and that means it’s time to get geared up for summer lawn maintenance. Before you set off for that first mow of the season, take some time to get your lawn care tools ready for the jobs they’ll need to do.

Here are 3 essential lawn care tools to check in the spring for a summer full of stress-free lawn care:


Your lawnmower is the workhorse of lawn care tools. It chews through that green blanket of lawn with ease, even when you’ve – ahem – let it get a little too long.

  • Give it a quick tune-up: Remove the spark plug and replace it when finished with other maintenance. Clean your air filter if your mower has a foam-type filter, or replace it entirely if your filter is paper.
  • Change the oil: Drain the old, dirty oil into a container for proper disposal, then refill it with fresh oil as recommended by your lawnmower’s manufacturer.
  • Sharpen the blade: Having a dull mower blade can mean your lawn gets shredded instead of cut, causing it to turn brown. Carefully remove the blade from the lawnmower before sharpening, or take it to a shop that offers blade sharpening.
  • Give it a scrub: Bust out your hose and, if necessary, a putty knife to remove any caked-on grass clippings and dirt. A clean mower will last longer, meaning you are more likely to have a summer full of smooth lawn mowing if you regularly clean your mower.
  • Gas it up and give it a start: The best way to make sure your mower is working is to gas it up according to manufacturer instructions and start it up. If you notice a problem with the way it starts or runs, get it in for maintenance sooner rather than later to avoid delaying the start of mowing season.

String Trimmer

The next-most-used tool in your garage is your string trimmer. These machines are notorious for getting clogged easily, so some preventative maintenance in spring can decrease frustration this summer.

  • Change the filter and spark plugs: Like with your lawnmower, gas-powered string trimmers have spark plugs and air filters that need regular replacement.
  • Change the oil: Drain the old oil for proper disposal and replace with manufacturer-recommended clean oil.
  • Replace the string: A key component to easy trimming is to make sure you have a good, strong string. With use, the string weakens and doesn’t cut as effectively. Replacing the string each spring is the best way to ensure easy trimming all summer long.
  • Give it a scrub: Hose off any caked-on mud or grass, especially under the hood covering the string. Too much leftover grass can cause your string trimmer to clog and stutter.
  • Gas it up: Fill your string trimmer’s tank with gas and oil in the correct proportions as recommended by your manufacturer. Store upright or hung on a wall to prevent leakage.


For many, a chainsaw is the least-used lawn-care instrument on this list. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little TLC in spring in case it needs to be used after a summer storm.

  • Change the oil: Drain out the old oil for disposal and replace it with fresh oil per your manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Sharpen the blades: Sharp teeth on your chainsaw’s blade are the key to a clean, easy cut. If necessary, get the blade professionally sharpened.
  • Check the chain: A bad chain can spell trouble for safety when using your chainsaw. Make sure the chain is in good repair and replace if you have to.
  • Give it some gas: Fill the tank with recommended gas and start up your chainsaw. If it stalls or has problems starting, find a qualified person to check it out and make any necessary repairs.

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