Landscape Supply near Adamstown, MD

Landscape Supplies & More near Adamstown, MD

Whether you’re looking for top soil for your garden or stone for a driveway, Colony Supply Center is Adamstown, Maryland’s go-to source for quality landscape supplies! Since 1981, we’ve provided quality, name-brand products and superior customer service. Our goal is to help make your yard stand out!

For pickup or delivery, we offer:

  • Mulch
  • Top soil
  • Leafgro
  • Sand
  • Wood chips
  • And more!

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Bagged & Bulk Mulch in Adamstown, MD

You put a lot of work into your yard gardens. It’s a source of pride, a testament to your hard work and creativity. And nothing shatters that pride quite like a few patches of unsightly weeds!

Every garden can benefit from mulch, and Colony Supply Center has the options you’re looking for! Minimize weeds, increase water absorption, and regulate soil temperatures all season long with mulch in a variety of colors and textures. Our bagged and bulk mulches are available for pickup or delivery, whichever is convenient for you! If you’re looking for something with a different texture, we offer larger debarked wood chips.

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Seasonal Supplies in Adamstown, MD

Make sure you and your home are prepared for the cold winter months! Colony Supply Center has everything you need to keep you and your visitors warm and safe all winter long!

There’s nothing quite like the crackle of a warm fire during a snowy night, and Colony Supply Center has the seasoned firewood necessary to keep a fire burning warm and bright! Available in 1-cubic-yard buckets, multi-piece bags, half-cord, and cord quantities, we’ve seasoned our firewood to make it as long-lasting and effective as possible.   Contact us today to order!

Don’t forget about the ice building up on your driveways and sidewalks! Continue to keep your exterior safe with our high-quality ice control products. We sell brand names you can trust to melt the ice built up around your home or business. Contact us today with your specific needs and we will gladly tell you which products are right for you!