To what areas do you deliver? 

We deliver to homes, businesses and farms in Montgomery and Frederick Counties, within 20 miles of our Clarksburg location (24510 Frederick Rd, Clarksburg, MD  20871)

What is the delivery fee?

The fee is based on mileage. Our website will automatically calculate the fee based on your delivery address.

When is payment due?

 Payment is due when the order is placed.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

When can I get my order?

Your online order allows you to choose 1st and 2nd choice delivery date. Generally we can deliver within one to two days. Your date will be confirmed by email. Reminder: Spring deliveries and all Friday deliveries book fast so please book in advance.

What time will you be there?

Orders are delivered Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4 pm. Factors such as location and traffic affect the delivery schedule. Therefore, we can only commit to the date and not the time of delivery. Please have your driveway clear of cars, etc. on your delivery day.

Where do you drop the product?

All products are delivered directly to your driveway.  In accordance with our insurance company requirements, please do not ask our drivers to leave the hard surface. Damage to landscaping, septic systems, water lines or our delivery vehicle could result. There are no exceptions to this policy. Full details may be found on our POLICIES page.

Do I need to be home to accept delivery? 

We ask for specific instructions regarding your delivery so you don’t have to be there. Without specific instructions, products will be dropped on your driveway at the driver’s discretion.  If you request a call, the delivery will proceed even if we can’t reach you. Remember to have your driveway clear of cars, etc. on your delivery day.

How much mulch do I need? 

Use the Material Calculator on the bottom of the mulch page to help you decide!

What is compost?

A healthier lawn comes with healthier soil, and there is no better way to improve soil health than by adding compost. Compost is one of the best organic garden amendments and soil conditioners available.  Compost will improve soil structure, loosening compacted clay soils that have trouble draining. Compost contains the primary nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium — and an array of micronutrients to naturally feed a lawn. It allows plant roots to absorb nutrients from the soil better. Use it in your garden or landscape by incorporating into planting soils or topdressing a planting bed or garden.

Will my products match the photographs on the website?

The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. A natural product, mulches may have a varying size and color.