Landscape Supplies in Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County, MD

Quality Landscape and Gardening Supplies in Montgomery County, MD

Since 1981, Colony Supply Center has provided quality landscape supplies to homeowners and businesses throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. We offer bulk and bagged landscape supplies for pickup and delivery, including:

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Bagged & Bulk Mulch in Montgomery County, MD

Minimize weed growth and enhance the look of your landscaping with our bagged and bulk mulch, available for pickup or delivery. Choose from a variety of colors and textures to meet your landscape design needs.

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Seasoned Firewood in Montgomery County, MD

That wood stove or fire pit will keep you warm all winter long with our exceptional seasoned firewood, available in multi-piece bags, 1-cubic-yard buckets, half-cord, and cord quantities.

Store your firewood off the ground to prevent mold growth and promote drying. Visit our website for more information about properly storing firewood.

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