Firewood for Sale

Winter can be cold and bleak, but the prospect of a warm, cozy fire makes a long, cold night more bearable.

Keep your fireplace or wood stove well-stocked all season long with seasoned firewood from Colony Supply Center. Our seasoned hardwood is mostly oak with some locust and cherry. 

We offer firewood by the cord, half-cord, 1-cubic-yard bucket, or in a small easy-carry bag to meet your needs. 

How to Store Firewood

Our wood is stored outside as is industry practice, so the possibility of receiving firewood that has been rained on prior to your delivery date is likely. We always recommend that firewood be purchased well in advance of its use, and that the customer store it in a dry, well-ventilated area prior to burning. Your firewood should be kept up off the ground to promote drying and prevent mold growth.

How Much Firewood Do I Need?

Many consumers wonder just how much firewood they’ll need to purchase to keep their stove or fireplace burning each winter.

A good baseline calculation to use is to figure 1 cord per 7 full days of burn for a large open fireplace without any air restriction devices installed. Wood stoves will use approximately 1 cord every 30 to 60 days if they’re non-catalytic, or 1 cord per season for high-efficiency catalytic wood stoves.

Because firewood keeps for more than one season, it is better to overestimate the amount of firewood you purchase than to underestimate it. Any unused firewood can be carefully stored throughout the spring and summer in preparation for the following fall and winter, as well as used in outdoor fire pits all year long.

Firewood for Sale in Beallsville, MD

Whether you need just a little firewood or a lot, Colony Supply Center can help. Our team can guide you through the process of determining how much you need and making your purchase.