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Help! My Lawnmower Won’t Start!

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The rain and warm weather has arrived, and with that comes grass that seems like it won’t stop growing. You go out to cut down the jungle that your yard has become and… oh no! You pull and pull, but the lawnmower refuses to budge. Good news: You probably don’t need to buy a new one. Here are a few common reasons your lawnmower is having trouble:

Engine Isn’t Getting Fuel

Check the gas tank. Is the fuel fresh? If it’s last year’s fuel, you’ll probably need to empty and refill the tank with gas. You also can tap the side of a carburetor to aid the flow of gas, and if that doesn’t work, your fuel filter may need to be replaced.

Spark Plug Issues

You may need to clean the spark plug and check its connections. It’s also possible you may need to replace the spark plug entirely.


Remember to check the oil level. Some types of newer engines will disable the engine from starting if the engine level is too low.

Starter Rope Is Stuck or Difficult to Pull

Your flywheel brake (that bar that you hold down that will stop the engine if released) may be engaged, meaning it is not all the way pushed down. Make sure you are bringing it down as far as it will go. Also, the blade may be dragging in the grass or clogged. Try moving your mower off the grass, turn it off and disengage the spark plug wire, and then clean the underside of your mower.

Air Filter Problems

An often overlooked part of the mower is its air filter. If the air filter is too dirty, you will need to clean it or replace it.

Wrong Fuel

Some people may accidentally purchase the wrong type of fuel for their mower. Make sure your gas mower has gas; not kerosene or diesel! You can usually tell by the smell.

Experienced Lawnmower Repair in Maryland

If you still are having issues or need a professional to take care of it, just remember that your favorite landscape supply company, Colony Supply Center, offers small engine repair! We service all makes and models. We can pick it up! We will fix your lawnmower and get your yard looking as ready for summer fun as you are. Call us today!

Is Leafgro Beneficial for My Garden?

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gardening supplies leesburg va
You’ve been working hard all summer to keep your garden healthy and growing – watering, weeding, and fertilizing. Those garden-enthusiast friends of yours are always spouting off about how great their gardens are doing with Leafgro, but you’re not sure you want to try something new.

Can Leafgro be beneficial to creating a fruitful, healthy garden?

What Is Leafgro?

Before we determine whether Leafgro is good for your plants, we need to explore exactly what it is.

Leafgro is a 100 percent organic compost designed to help improve the quality of your soil. It’s also native to the central Maryland area, made up of composted leaves and grass clippings collected in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

Each fall, the Maryland Environmental Service collects leaves otherwise destined for the landfill and takes them to composting facilities. Throughout the fall and winter, the rows of decomposing leaves are turned and shredded regularly to help accelerate the composting process. In spring, grass clippings are added into this mix. Once composting is complete, the mixture is dried, screened, and sold.

How Do You Use Leafgro?

Use Leafgro just as you would any other compost mixture. Place it around your garden to help nourish the soil for thriving plants in the summer and fall. No need to do anything differently than you’re already doing!

So, Is Leafgro Beneficial to Your Garden?

Yes! Because it’s made of completely organic materials – with the bonus of being locally sourced – Leafgro will be just as beneficial to your garden as any compost you would make yourself or buy elsewhere. It’s just compost you don’t have to make yourself, which saves you time and effort.

Using Leafgro exclusively or in combination with your other fertilizers and composts will keep your soil balanced and your plants healthy and thriving.

Your #1 Source for Landscaping Supplies in Maryland & Virginia

At Colony Supply Center, we make sure to have everything you need to create that home garden of your dreams. From seasonal plants to Leafgro, fertilizers to mulch, our knowledgeable team can help you find what you need to get the lawn and garden of your dreams. Check out our online selection of bulk and bagged supplies, or visit our shop today! We even deliver!

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